The Secrets of
Gita and Vedant

Geeta & Vedant are NOT just about success in your business/career/job or stress/anger/relationship management as is usually made out by modern age -Motivational Gurus, Business coaches or "Quick Fix-Personal Trainers. Geeta-Vedant are also not some blindfaith, religious text.

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some important life lessons from bhagwat gita

Geeta-Vedant are ageless pointers to the Ultimate reality of human beings-Supreme Consciousness which, if realized, unlocks the doors to unfathomable sources of energy, passion, blissfulness, courage, clarity and fullness of life. Everything else, just flows from that state-anger/stress/relationship management etc. Dr. Sanjay Pande teaches, inspire and encourages individuals to be just that ( grammatical mistake her), through his sessions with Talks and guided Dhyan-Samadhi. Message of Dr. Pande is about anchoring yourself powerfully in spirituality while excelling in carrying out your duties of modern life. He is founder of GAMAAS: Gita Aadhyatm wa Manovigyaan Adhyayan evem Anusandhaan Sangathan (Geeta Spirituality and Psychology Studies and Research)

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Secrets Of Gita and Vedant

A Karma-yogi performs action by body, mind, intellect, and senses, without attachment (or ego), only for self-purification."


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    • Saturday
    • Gita talks about “Atma”, “Punarjanm”, “Moksha”. I want Name, Fame and Money. How can Gita be useful and Important for me?
    09 May'20
    • Sunday
    • Dharma: All religious texts talk about my Dharma, Constitution tells about my duties, Parents tell me about my duties, Society tells me about my duties, My employer tells us about my duties. Then, many times there is a clash between these duties. Even Krishna also tells Arjun what his duties are. Then how is Gita different? Why should I read it?
    • Ethics and Morality: Different people, different books, different cultures and different definition of “Ethics” and “Morality”, Good and Bad, Right and Wrong. Reading Gita will only give me one more definition. Why should I read Gita then?
    • Karma: Is it true that Gita talks about Karma? What exactly is Karma? What does it mean by Karma Pays? What is Instant Karma?
    • I have always wanted to know who am I? I have read all motivation theories/Personality theories. I have heard learned people say I am the God. Some say, I am the son of God. Some say God is Within me. Some say I am within God. There are good and bad arguments in each of them. Is Gita different or it also provides one of these definitions?
    10 May'20

Speaker Profile

Dr. Sanjay Pande

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)Emotions, Moral Identity, Reasoning and Advantageous Corruption in Corruption Decision Making
  • A TEDx speaker, former civil servant and a business story crafter, Dr. Sanjay Pande is on a mission to help people dig deep within to draw upon their strength, confidence and brilliance to break free of mediocrity and pursue the majesty they are destined for. Human beings are not made to be sad, depressed, guilty, defeated and compromised. This life is meant to be lived full. Pains, challenges, defeats and failures are mere ways to discover happiness , satisfaction, riches and success. But in this highly competitive and complex world, most people never realize this powerful truth. They keep searching for processes and strategies which could help them be happy and successful but never realise that the power for this is already available within them. Dr. Pande has devoted his life to help people realize this simple but essential truth. He has spoken to more than 20000 people in Seminars, Conferences, Corporations, Public Organisations, Radio-FM, Schools, Colleges etc. and With his talks he help people anchor their life to face the storms of life with grit, determination and faith to manifest the Glory they are endowed with. An Honours graduate in Physics from the prestigious Hindu College in University of Delhi, Dr. Sanjay Pande is a Masters in Business Management. He qualified Provincial Civil Services examination and was also invited to admission in the reputed Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA) but wanting to work on a larger canvas, he finally joined general civil services at the Centre and worked with some of the most renowned and reputed Organisations of the Country like Central Vigilance Commission-the apex Integrity Institute of the nation. Dr. Pande has always been a keen student of human behaviour. He has always been intrigued that why some lives are so fulfilled while others just waste their fragrance. Why are some people always able to achieve what they want while others remain just onlookers. Is there some common design in the approach and the behaviour of those who always seem to succeed? Are there some factors which withhold the majority of mankind from achieving? Is there some thing which is revealed to the successful but remains hidden from those who do not succeed? He has been scientifically studying these questions for over a decade and half. In his research he has not only surveyed existing work but conducted interesting experiments and interacted with numerous thought leaders to have a first hand perspective of what is that makes the difference. His research is well documented in his numerous research papers which have been published in peer reviewed International and National Journals and presented in many International/National Conferences and Seminars . Dr. Pande shares his deep understanding with people across the nation through his intense, powerful, authentic , wholehearted and honest talks.

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